Cloud Automation and Machine Learning for CloudOps
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The Man + Machine Fiasco About Cloud Automation and Machine Learning for CloudOps

 Cloud automation has been helping DevOps and CloudOps engineers save a lot of time and effort on tasks such as taking cloud backups, monitoring resources, managing hundreds of instances, etc.

Machine Learning, on the other hand, is a step ahead of it predicting and managing the cloud operations for them.

For startups, both these technologies have been a big boon, but sometimes a bane too! 

No technology of today is devoid of imperfections, even as man tries to make everything perfect… and the root cause of these imperfections is because of homo sapiens!  

What do you think of these technologies that have been abstracting every path they are crossing?

Have you come across such ludicrous situations involving Cloud Automation or Machine Learning for CloudOps?

P.S: TotalCloud Web platform is now available in beta. With the help of this new application, cloud engineers can build their own cloud management platform by creating interactive workflows that automate AWS management, optimization & collaborative tasks according to their needs.

AWS Workflow Automation

TotalCloud automates actions on AWS resources and services using its unique cloud graph engine.

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