A Cool Collection of DevOps Checklists
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We have compiled DevOps checklists that you need to do what a DevOps guy does in a day or should do depending on your use case. This list covers different scenarios that you might be in.

  1. Link: This checklist is comprised of 48 items you can use to gauge the maturity of your software delivery competency and form a baseline to measure your future improvements.
  2. Link: Granular checklist around DevOps culture and it’s unique goals.
  3. Link: Perfect for starting out and implementing the DevOps culture.
  4. Link: Checklists and Templates for DevOps catering to the following
    1. Requirements Checklist
    2. Runbook Template
    3. SLA Templates
    4. Deployment Checklist
    5. Application Level Monitoring
  5. Link: A DevOps checklist for successful app deployment.
  6. Link: This list caters particularly for DevOps on Windows.
  7. Link: It particularly covers high level do’s for DevOps security, development and performance monitoring.
  8. Link: AWS Well-Architected Framework Checklist by AWS
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