Introducing AWS EC2 Cost Analysis in TotalCloud: Gain Cloud Cost Visibility
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AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) is one of the most commonly used and popular services among all the AWS services. Generally, it accounts for the majority of the architecture in an organization, and it usually never works alone.

An architecture comprises of a number of services that are dependent on each other. So, several unique services can show up on your AWS bill, which makes it further difficult to understand what’s driving all the cloud cost.

A granular view of the spend is pivotal to understand Total Cloud Ownership. Due of this, it is critical to analyze EC2 usage and its spend breakdown by various dimensions like resource, instance type, services, states, and more, while also understand and optimize AWS costs.

TotalCloud’s AWS Cost Analysis provides better cloud cost visibility and helps AWS users understand their EC2 spend easily and efficiently across different services, all from a single view.

What can you do with TotalCloud’s Cost Analyzer?


Understand your AWS EC2 spend with multiple dimensions:

You can easily arrange and re-arrange AWS resources and understand your total EC2 cost in AWS cloud. The unique architecture of TotalCloud helps you group your resources by resource type, tags, VPC, etc. This provides dynamic views where you can slice and dice your EC2 costs as needed.


Grouping based on Instance Type

Grouping based on tag key and value


Slice and Dice AWS EC2 Cost At Multiple Levels


TotalCloud’s pan and zoom controls helps you drill down into resources and map cost to each group and resources easily. This provides you with the ability to understand granular costs at a glance. 



The worldview provides you with a bird’s eye view of cost incurred on each AWS region, including the list of other details of the region upon scroll.  This helps you get a top-level view of the AWS cloud spend easily.


TotalCloud Global Cost View

The grouping option for each resource as well as the whole AWS architecture helps you to re-arrange the infrastructure as needed. This also enables you to get more complex information in a simple view. You can also use network topology view to create baselines and understand cost dependencies of any resource/service.

TotalCloud Resource Relationship View

Cost analyzer is an integral part of the platform providing cloud infrastructural visibility to the user.

Do write to us with your feedback on what we can do better and where we can improve it further.

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