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Application of Immersive Visualization to Contextual Cloud Monitoring
Today, a cloud infrastructure is so robust and dynamic that application of traditional IT monitoring methods and use of age...
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Serverless and Everything Else
Serverless and everything else! Wonder how year 2030 would be? Can you predict the future?   Tweet your views to @tota...
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The Ultimate Dilemma of Choosing Container Environment on AWS — ECS, EKS or Fargate
AWS cloud user, now that most of your AWSWishlist (s) granted, how are you going to make use of them in 2018? ◕‿◕ Her...
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[Comic Blog] Amazon S3 Select
A classic example how increased automation capabilities in PaaS and IaaS are transforming analytics engineers’ roles. Tec...
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A Quick Guide on How to Deep Dive into Amazon EKS
Last year, we saw many developers found value in running Kubernetes on AWS. A CNCF survey confirmed that over 60% of Kubern...
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Top 3 Context-Aware Automation Hacks on AWS Every DevOps & CloudOps Must Know
Public cloud, like AWS, which offers a plethora of services brings an extremely dynamic environment to an IT setup. Manuall...
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The Confluence of Cloud and AI Is Infusing a Digital Disruption Avalanche
AI could lead us to one of the biggest social and economic revolutions the world has ever seen. Cloud + AI = the next big w...
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