Detailed End-to-End AWS Cost Visibility, in Seconds [Video Post]
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Keeping a close watch on AWS month-to-date spend, daily cost reports, and filtering this data further by service, regions, AZs on AWS Cost Explorer is proactive as well as preventive. But it is work-intensive.

Getting a unified cost visibility across AWS regions and AZs, in real-time, is one of the stepping stones to catching and preventing unexpected cost spikes.

Watch this video how to get end-to-end cloud cost visibility in seconds.



TotalCloud does exactly that. It helps monitor resource usage and understand entire AWS’ spend segregated by region, in seconds. Using TotalCloud, you can get entire AWS region cost visibility in correlation with resource usage or understand spend, at multiple levels, split by services or group of services.

Do it the way you want. You have the freedom to zoom in to a particular service and get resource-level spend data. You can even identify pricey culprit resources quickly.

Bid adieu to stale, static cost reports. Discover the future of cloud cost monitoring.

Even before you know you have taken just few sips of your morning coffee you would have made sense of your entire cloud cost.

Unlock your cloud today with TotalCloud.

AWS Workflow Automation

TotalCloud automates actions on AWS resources and services using its unique cloud graph engine.

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