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Helpful Tips For Deploying an App Using AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Editorial Note: This is a guest post by Ashley Lipman from TheBlogFrog, a platform to find Internet’s best blogs across v...
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Emojis in AWS Instance Names
This Gen Z Dev here is addicted to emojis so much he uses them for AWS instance names as well! And again he comes up with t...
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In Your Cloud: Expectations Vs. Reality
Few reflections from a Cloud user: Is the reality ever actually as good as expectations…time for a reality check! Tweet y...
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Find the Costliest AWS EBS Volume in ~10 Seconds
Many AWS users, both novice and experts, often encounter high Amazon EBS, or elastic block storage, bills. The primary reas...
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Introducing AWS EC2 Cost Analysis in TotalCloud: Gain Cloud Cost Visibility
AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) is one of the most commonly used and popular services among all the AWS services. Generall...
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TotalCloud BuildBot: A Cost-Efficient & Rapid Unity Build Pipeline Open Source Tool
Generating Unity builds continuously, for game development, using personal computers is no fun-game. Manually generating th...
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