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AWS S3 Bucket Naming Challenge
Have you ever struggled to find that one unique AWS S3 bucket name? Dev here has a situation. Check out this Sander Knape&#...
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The Despicable Dev and the AWS Cloud Bill Shock
To err is human… to avoid a massive bill is divine. Keep a check on those logs getting piled up in S3. Set a cost ceilin...
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5 Salient Benefits of S3 Select & How it can Help Protect Data under GDPR Compliance
Before the release of S3 Select, if you had to pull only a specific set of raw data from the S3 Bucket, you had to download...
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How to Easily Delete Large S3 Buckets?
Deleting an Amazon S3 bucket can be a difficult task. It is even a bigger task if it has a large number of objects in it be...
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AWS S3 Bucket Policy Gone Wrong
A “Curious Dev” was trying to play around with AWS S3 bucket policy. *Statutory warning: Curiosity kills. Never...
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